The Mental Health Emergency Center will provide emergency assessment and treatment in a therapeutic environment for both voluntary and involuntary patients. It will also facilitate the timely transfer for those under law enforcement custody into the care of highly trained, compassionate mental health professionals.

The emergency center’s goal is for all patients to receive timely treatment and transfer to the appropriate level of care. The center will have six inpatient beds for adults for short term stays if clinically needed. Children and adolescents needing observation or inpatient services will be promptly transferred to a pediatric mental health facility.

The new center will have a separate treatment area for child and adolescent patients, as well as a separate entrance for those arriving via law enforcement. Its location is served by public transportation and is adjacent to the freeway, ensuring ready access for those in need of care, as well as for county-wide law enforcement personnel assisting with a crisis response.

The center will provide extensive care management and navigation services, ensuring safe and timely connections to continuing care; be that extended inpatient, residential or outpatient mental services or medications, housing, food, and other social supports.

We hope to provide crisis telepsychiatry services to patients being served in other health care settings as well.