The emergency center offers 24/7/365 crisis mental health assessment, stabilization, treatment, and transition care management for children, adolescents and adults. There is a separate treatment area for child and adolescent patients, as well as a separate entrance for those
arriving via law enforcement.

Scope of Services

  • MHEC provides a therapeutic environment for both voluntary and involuntary patients and facilitates a timely transfer for those under law enforcement custody to the care of highly trained, compassionate mental health
  • The center provides extensive care management and navigation services , ensuring safe and timely connections to continuing care – be that extended inpatient, residential or outpatient mental services or medications, housing, food
    and other social supports.
  • The goal for all patients is to receive timely treatment and transfer to the appropriate level of care. The emergency center has six inpatient beds for adults for short-term stays if clinically needed. Children and adolescents needing
    observation or inpatient services are promptly transferred to a pediatric
    mental health facility.

Not sure if you need Emergency Mental Health Services? Call the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Crisis Services line (414-257-7222) if you experience the following:

  • You have racing thoughts and are talking faster than you remember
  • You feel like you might harm yourself or others
    • You feel unable to cope with daily problems or activities
      • You hear voices others don’t seem to hear
      • You feel very agitated, restless, or irrational

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