Emergency mental health services for people of all ages experiencing a mental health crisis.

MHEC Services

The Care We Offer:

  • MHEC assesses, stabilizes, and provides emergency treatment to people experiencing a mental health emergency
  • The goal is to treat the emergency and quickly connect the patient with the appropriate care. This could be additional mental health support in the community or in a mental health hospital.
  • The center also connects patients and families to supportive services.
  • There are separate treatment areas for adults and children

The MHEC Does NOT Provide:

  • Long-term inpatient care
  • Outpatient mental health therapy or medication administration
  • Scheduled appointments (walk-in only)
  • Medical care, such as heart, cancer, or wound care. *Patients who have both medical and mental health emergencies should go to a hospital emergency room.

When To Use MHEC

Patients and families should go to MHEC if they are experiencing a serious mental health emergency and are at risk to themselves or others.

This may include (but is not limited to):

  • Thoughts of suicide, self-harm, or harming others
  • Violent, erratic, or aggressive behavior
  • Significant worsening of mental health disorders

Not sure if you need Emergency Mental Health Services? Call the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Crisis Services line (414-257-7222) if you experience the following:

  • You have racing thoughts and are talking faster than you remember
  • You feel like you might harm yourself or others
  • You feel unable to cope with daily problems or activities
  • You hear voices others don’t seem to hear
  • You feel very agitated, restless, or irrational

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